This is your moment to 

The vibes are immaculate, you and your beau are looking un-freakin-real, there is love in the air, your favorite people are radiating joy, and all the pretty lil’ details are in place. *Swoon*.

The only thing left for you to do is to embrace it. We’ll document your story as it’s happening in “once in a lifetime, last for a lifetime” photographs.

Picture it, it's your wedding day

We can't recommend Anne Noel Photography enough! From our initial inquiry to delivering the gallery after our wedding, she was on top of communication, encouraging throughout the planning process, organized on the day of, and prompt in her delivery. She captured so many special moments above and beyond the "posed" and "traditional" that are now forever cherished through her photography. Most importantly, Anne is just a wonderful human! Her chill and bubbly personality kept the stress at an all time low, and worked well with our bridal party, family, and guests. Thank you, Anne!

- Abby

We can't recommend Anne Noel Photography enough!

While you’re living the best day ever, I will be your #1 fan, fly on the wall, keeping the flow natural, aaand being incredibly understanding when Aunt Sherry pulls out her camera from 2003 wanting to snap a pic. I want you to have images you can cherish for a lifetime, and I want you to love every moment along the way.

The pretty pictures for grandma's mantle aaand…

The pretty pictures for grandma's mantle aaand…
You & your bestie cheersing through happy tears.

The pretty pictures for grandma's mantle aaand…
Everyone on the dance floor singing their hearts out.

The pretty pictures for grandma's mantle aaand…
All eyes on you when you only have eyes for each other.

The pretty pictures for grandma's mantle aaand…
The big and small. Mundane and extraordinary.

We’ll document the moments you want AND all the moments beyond and between. 

Your life story is made up of huge milestones where you have to get photos taken—but what about the times you want to remember simply because they’re so sweet, so short, and filled with so much gratitude? You’ll want to document and remember those moments too. 

Starting at $450


This moment is worth celebrating! Sure, being in front of the camera may not feel natural, but the way you love one another is. Aaand you’d be surprised just how stinkin’ good love looks on you two. 

Starting at $450


Let’s embrace all that is you and your love story. Take only what matters most to you and forget the rest! Whether that leads you to sandy shores, mountain tops, or a field just begging to be frollikced in—I’ll be there to document it alllll. 

Starting at $2000


Live it up, be wildly present, love hard—and leave the rest up to me, deal? We’ll document all the details, all the laughs and all of you! The cherished memories you make will be forever echoed in timeless and joyful images.

Starting at $3800


Chapters of Life

“Years later our wedding photos still look fresh and I’m always finding new favorites when I look through them.”

Here are some frequently asked questions

Feeling curious?

My goal is to be your new laid-back bestie and to tell your story as naturally as possible through my lens. I’ll guide you and direct you throughout the shoot. We’re going to move a ton, because motion equals emotion (and ultimately it makes everything feel more natural and fun)!

What's it like working with you?

Heck yea! Where are we going?? Shoot me the deets and we’ll go from there!

Do you travel?

You betcha! I’ll send you some examples and help you curate a timeline that makes sense for you and is focused on you experiencing and enjoying the day!

Can you help me with my wedding day timeline?

Wanna know a secret? 99% of the humans I work with feel this way! But don’t worry—that’s what I’m here for! I’ll guide and direct you, but most importantly I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and having FUN.

HEEELP! We're awkward in front of the camera!

Short answer is YES. While I’ve shot a ton of weddings solo and totally feel confident doing so, if it’s in the budget I would recommend selecting a package with a second shooter. In my experience, a second shooter can save time, make the day run more smoothly, capture different angles, and help when you want a photographer in two places at once.

Do we need a second shooter?

I deliver the images via an online gallery (in which you will get a link & be able to download directly to your computer). And these photos are allll yours! 

How will we receive our images and is there a print release?

Totally depends on the hours you hire me for, as well as if you hire a second shooter, but most weddings average 800-1000

How many images can we expect?

You will generally receive a Wedding Gallery about 8-12 weeks after the Wedding. For Elopements the turnaround time is about 6-8 weeks.

What's your turnaround time?

Nope! Sorry Charlie, I don't send any un-edited/raw files! Most of the magic happens during the editing process, so without that step your photos are only halfway done!

Do you ever give out raw files?

I shoot with a Canon EOS R5, a multitude of lenses, and I always have a backup camera with me! All of which are insured—you can never be too careful!

What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I accept payment through an online client management software via email, credit card, bank transfer, or the old fashioned way, by check!

How do you accept payment?

Despite being a recovering people pleaser I could never forgive myself if I didn’t answer any and all of your questions. So for your sake and mine, please tell me what’s on your mind.

“I was wondering… (insert your question)”